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Sixth class proudly displaying our Amber Flag. They organised the

Pyjama Day in the school to raise money for charity


Dear Amber Flag Coordinators & Committee,  

Congratulations on being awarded the 2023/2024 Pieta Amber Flag! 

Your Amber Flag Committee has shown great commitment in promoting positive mental health by encouraging teamwork and contributions from peers. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the results of your efforts through the wonderful initiatives you organised. 

We hope that by taking part in the Amber Flag initiative, you will continue to raise awareness of stigmas which exist and the stressors on our collective mental and emotional wellbeing.

Your flag has been posted and is on its way, so please keep an eye out!

Thank you once again for all your hard work. We hope that the Amber Flag has impacted positively on everyone involved. It has been a real honour working with you all this year.

Kind regards, 

The Amber Flag Team

Click on the links to view our application and samples of our hard work. 

Amber Flag 2023/2024 New Application

Samples of Mindful Colouring

Pyjama Day

Picker Pal Cert

Please see the gallery for photos of our Active School week


The Discover Primary Science and Maths programme (which is now Curious Minds Discover STEM  Awards)  is part of Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI) Discover Programme which aims to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics among students, teachers and the wider public.

The Curious Minds Discover STEM  Awards  programme aims to develop creativity in our children, help develop an interest in science, show how important science is to our daily lives and more importantly how much fun science can be!

Caheragh NS  recently achieved the  Curious Minds Discover STEM  Awards 23-24. Well done to all the pupils and staff for all their hard work on working on this award. Click on the link to view all our work.  

Curious Minds Discover STEM  Award 23-24  

We received this lovely email informing us of the good news:

Dear Agnes Foley,

Congratulations - your school has achieved an SFI Curious Minds Award. We have evaluated your Log of Evidence and we are satisfied that you have met all the criteria for the Gold Award.
Your school has provided evidence of children's engagement with STEM in the following areas:





STEM Showcase

Here is some feedback on your Log of Evidence:

Congratulations on delivering an excellent log of your SFI Curious Minds experiences this year. The log clearly demonstrates evidence of an impressive range of STEM engagement across the school, incorporating STEM Education class trips, STEM Weeks, hands on investigations and projects. Fantastic to see the range of activities happening in the school - design and make projects, investigations on micro-organism growth on bread, taste, magnetism and more! Your materials section was particularly strong with a range of investigations for different class groups. The maths mazes, puzzles and trails are great ways to boost engagement with and enjoyment of Maths! Keep up this fantastic work and well done on your award! It is a real credit to the pupils, teachers and the community for all the work you do. Tip for next time: The Maths Week quiz evidence appears to be showing the Science Week Shows so make sure to upload the right images for each section but you have ample evidence of other maths activities so no more information needed. Well done all on a fantastic application!

All activities undertaken from our previous awards can be viewed on the PDFs below.

Discovering Primary Science Plaque Award 2022




Show and Tell 



Caheragh NS are delighted to announce that we were awarded our second Active School Flag. We would like to thank all the children, parents, staff (especially Mrs. Foley) and the community organisations involved in getting this flag. We would especially like to thank Ms. Karen Cotter, ASF National Co-ordinator, Ms. Majella Fitzmaurice, ASF Administrator and Ms. Catríona Casey, ASF Accreditor.

We would like to mention the ASF committee who made a great effort to help plan and organise  the various activities, also  sixth class who helped out as playground leaders.

All activities undertaken to achieve the ASF flag can be viewed on the PDFs below.

Active School Week 2020

Physical Activity 2020

Partnerships 2020

Physical Education 2020

A few highlights include a new PE shed, gymnastics at Skibbereen Sports and Fitness Centre, team challenges, Run Around Europe, 12 Days of Fitness, Active tours, bowling, Cycle Sense, Active School Week and the establishment of the Active Walkway.



We had a visit from Dr. Caroline Fegan, Head of Health Promoting Schools (HPS) Initiative in the Health Service Executive. Some of our senior members on the HPS committee, delivered a short speech to welcome Dr. Fegan and to thank everyone in the school for their efforts in continuing to make our Health Promotion a success. Dr. Fegan presented the HPS committee with the new HPS flag and plaque, which acknowledge that Caheragh NS is now offically recognised as a Health Promoting School. Congratulations to staff and students on this wonderful achievement! 





























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